Sudan traditional food

There are a number of fine restaurants in Khartoum that offer an enticing selection of unique flavored local and international cuisine, but it will be a good idea to taste local delicacies. Kissra is a staple in this city, a special kind of corn bread. It is eaten using dried meat stew, dried onions, spices and butter made from peanut. You can also enjoy all kinds of fresh meats that are slaughtered and prepared daily (chicken, beef, lamb and fish). There are plenty of fresh vegetables (picked daily) and also feature on the menu. The city’s popular drink is strong coffee, spiced with ginger or cinnamon, as well as fruit or herbal tea such as karkadai (hibiscus tea). Also popular are drinks such as Tabaldi, Aradaib, Karkadai and Guddaim made from some local fruits, while during Ramadan (the Muslim fasting month) is popular Hilumur made from corn flour and spices.


Tabldi, Karkadi                                                     Kissra

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