Online Services in Sudan

Co-working Space & Startups

Share Zone Startups (Startup in Elfasher)

Friend Zone Startups (Startup in Nyala)

YES Platform (Empower Youth in El Geneina, Gharb Dārfūr)

Y-PEER SUDAN (Empower Youth in Khartoum)

Yalla Hub-YNO (Pioneers Co-working Space)

Orange Corners Sudan Set up and grow Startup Business to their full Potential

Businesszola (Environment for Businesswomen)

249Startups (A Hub for Innovators , Entrepreneurs & Startups)

Green Space coworking (Co-working Space)

Ogoole Communication Channel Between Parents, Teachers and School

Made in sudan Platform for Showing Sudanese Products

LaunderZone Online Laundry Platform

Enlighten Blind Accessible Online Library For People With Visual Impairment and Dyslexia

Smart Vet For Veterinary and Management Services

Greeny Providing and Delivering Plants to Individuals, Companies or Shops

Evergreen Sudan Indoor Ornamental Plants for Homes, Institutions and Offices

Sharkina – شـاركينــا A Platform for Training and Marketing Products for Low-income Women

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