Online Services in Sudan

Online Shopping

Booktino Order Books Online

Sudanbooks Order Books Online

Biblosudan Rent & Exchange Books

Maglag Online Building Materials Shopping

Elex Inventors for Electronics  Online Electronics Components

Sudan Meat Market Sheep, Camel & Goat Meat and other kind of meats

مضمون السودان‎ App Marketplace for Household Items

Binrush Stationery Online Shopping for Stationery, Ink Cartridge and Computer Accessories

Gabani Online Shopping for Electronics and Gadgets

Lenzo Online App Online Shopping Platform

3amir App Online Shopping Platform

Dukkan Shop online in Sudan

EasyMarket App Your Way to Shop

Promarket Online Store for Mobile Phones & Electronics

Sudan Digital Store Online Shopping for Gaming Gadgets

M3roud App Marketplace for Handmade Sudanese Products

Mot7rek متحرك App All your favorite stores in one place!

DigiTech Stores Online Store for LG’s Products

CLA Classified Ads App Classified Ads App Classified Ads App Classified Ads

البروج أونلاين ماركت App Order Groceries Online

Fresh Sudan App Fruit & Vegetable Store

Dukani دكاني‎ App Order Groceries Online

Foodica Various Store

أشتري العايزو Various Market

AmigoMall.SD Various Market

Breezy Store Sudan Specialized in all types of Fashion , Accessories & Gifts

Value+ High Quality Branded Clothe

Bob marketing Shoes Market

Cash store online Shoes Market

Nayrobe fashion Shoes Market


Sudanese Shoses Market Shoes Market

Khartoum shoes market Shoes Market

Vevie – Fashion boutique Clothing Market

هند الشيخ لمستلزمات النساء والأطفال Clothing Market

تووبك وقشرتك ل ايجار التياب والفساتين Rent Clothes

فيولا للملابس والاحذية والشنط النسائية Shoes & Clothing Market

ايلجانت للملابس والاحذية النسائية Shoes & Clothing Market

دبي للاقمشة والتيااب Clothing Market

البر والاحسان للاقمشة والتفصيل Clothing Market

دانتيلا للتفصيل Clothing Market

شيراز للملابس والاحذيةوالشنط والاكسسوارات ومستحضرات التجميل Shoes, Clothing & Accessories Market

مختار فاشون للاحزية والشنط الراقية

ريد لاين Clothing Market

Dosan Fashion Clothing Market

Jewellery, Accessories & Handmade Stuff

NK Jewellery Self-designed and Handmade Jewelry

Sukar Cosmetics Handmade Cosmetics Proudly Made in Sudan.

SINEX Sudan Your Shopping Mate

اوشا للمستلزمات النسائية Women’s Accessories

Oeillet Handmade Accessories

Haveing – معايا Handmade Natural Leather Products

Fantulipa Handmade Leather Products

Nacomi Sudan Brand of Natural Cosmetics

Black craft بلاك كرافت للمنتجات الجلدية Handmade Leather Products

كادي Cady Cady for Women ‘s Leather Products Handmade

Minou Design Wood & Paper Handmade Designs

ZEIAM Handmade Notebooks & more…

OZMAS Homemade Accessories

S&R Accessories Homemade Accessories

Ashrenkail Silver and copper Jewelry

LOCO Sudanese Visual Art

Kshra Craft, Designs & Cloths Labels

المجنونة كروشية Crochet Designs

Bakeries & Deserts

الأمير تاج للمخبوزات والحلويات


البتيل للتمور والحلويات

بيك مارت للحلويات

Manal Cakery


Candy corner “ركن الحلويات”

جوڤا – j u w a s w e e t

Looly’s bakery Shop & Training Center fo Bakery

Cake Station Homemade Cake in Sudan

Fofa Desserts

Fancy cake

كيس أوف كوكيز Homemade Cookies

Furniture & Home Stuff

WOod Design Elegant Decors

البرندة للتصميم الداخلي Interior Design

Rozabella Furniture Manufacturer & Mattress

Wood idea Home Decor

Wooden Wall Wooden Shelves

Co-working Space & Startups

Share Zone Startups (Startup in Elfasher)

Friend Zone Startups (Startup in Nyala)

YES Platform (Empower Youth in El Geneina, Gharb Dārfūr)

Y-PEER SUDAN (Empower Youth in Khartoum)

Yalla Hub-YNO (Pioneers Co-working Space)

Orange Corners Sudan Set up and grow Startup Business to their full Potential

Businesszola (Environment for Businesswomen)

249Startups (A Hub for Innovators , Entrepreneurs & Startups)

Green Space coworking (Co-working Space)

Ogoole Communication Channel Between Parents, Teachers and School

Made in sudan Platform for Showing Sudanese Products

LaunderZone Online Laundry Platform

Enlighten Blind Accessible Online Library For People With Visual Impairment and Dyslexia

Smart Vet For Veterinary and Management Services

Greeny Providing and Delivering Plants to Individuals, Companies or Shops

Evergreen Sudan Indoor Ornamental Plants for Homes, Institutions and Offices

Sharkina – شـاركينــا A Platform for Training and Marketing Products for Low-income Women

Miscellaneous Services

TAKWENE Specialized in Digital Content Distribution & Monetization Over Digital Platforms

Haboob App One-Stop-Shop for Flights, Hotels, Sightseeing & Transfer.

Azwal Sudanese Social Media

Quickpay Comprehensive E-Payment Gateway

Matarna – مـطـارنـا Online Sudan Airports Flight Times

Sudanese Apps

Housing & Apartments

Online Shopping

Groceries, Fruits & Vegetables


Payment Apps

Travel & Transportation

Auto & Vehicles


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