Sudanese Islamic Bank

  • SIB Tower, Al gamaa street, Khartoum
  • //
  • 766971 / 2422
  • 08:30 am till 02:30 pm - Sunday to Thursday

The Islamic Bank of Sudan was established in 1982 by the initiative and patronage of Mr. Maulana Mohammed Osman Al-Mirghani , with the participation of a large number of businessmen and national capital. Where he started his banking business in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Shari’a Law, with the opening of his first branches in Khartoum in 1983.
Has remained the Islamic Bank of Sudan , and since its inception and faithful to the goals established for them supportive of the national economy through an integrated banking vision to meet the needs and aspirations of its customers, and customers through its branches amounting to 54 branches and network correspondents scattered around the world, and a cadre bank qualified according to the latest, and the highest levels of training .
KnownThe Islamic Bank of Sudan, through its long career as a pioneer of rural development in the country and a supporter of small producers, craftsmen, and financiers of many social, service and modern investment projects and a pioneer of modern banking technology.
The Islamic Bank of Sudan continues to maintain steady growth rates, continuously improving its services, diversifying and modernizing its products and tools to maintain its leadership and meet the expectations of its shareholders, customers and society.

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