Seferian Co.Ltd.

  • Seferian Building, Barlaman Avenue, Khartoum
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  • +249 183 774639 / 0183 774640


Seferian & Co. was established in 1926 under Registration Number 14 and on the 10th day of April 1928 was Incorporated.
The company’s headquarters is strategically located in Central Khartoum on 5,000 square meters of land exclusively utilized by ourselves and our legal advisor. It is a walking distance to most of the Ministries and 300 meters from the Presidential Palace.

Our staff in Khartoum consist of 80 employees. We employ 16 employees plus seasonal labour force of over 250 depending from contracts and jobs in different parts of Sudan, mainly in Port Sudan and El Gedarif.

We are accredited and active suppliers to most of the diplomatic missions, United Nations Agencies, Non – Governmental Organisations and the market at large. We are capable of operating in remote sites such as oil rigs, construction sites, mines, gas pipelines, and peace-keeping camps.
Our success is based on pioneering products and services to serve the Sudanese market and clients abroad. We are thriving to grow and actively seeking partners in business. Diversity is our nature.

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