Open University of Sudan

  • Obied Khatiem Street, Khartoum
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  • 018 324 2775
  • 06:30 am till 06:30 pm Sunday to Thursday


As an extension of the revolution of higher education, and an increase in the content of its subjects to suit the social, economic and scientific conditions of those seeking higher education, and the desire to free higher education from all temporal and spatial constraints, this type of open education should be provided for the many advantages that are not available in other educational systems , And in line with the role of resident education, the Council of Ministers issued its decision No. (164) in April 2002 corresponding to 2 Safar 1423H with the approval of the Sudan Open University Project. This was followed by the passing of the Law of the University by the National Council at its meeting No. (11) of the Seventh Session on 9 Rabea Al Awal 1425H corresponding to 28 April 2004.

In the same year, the organizational structure of the University was approved, which came in line with many of the provisions of the university law of the year 2004, which consists of nine departments and secretariats. The university then began to complete its structure by absorbing the manpower needed in quantity and quality, Achieve job stability.

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