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Due to its location and cultural history the Sudan has been hosting a steady flow of groups from neighboring countries who were either in pursuit of  knowledge or were on their way to perform pilgrimage. Some stayed behind either with a shaykh ( religious leader) of fleeing religious persecution which set in as a result of European colonization. Others were forced by incessant wars to seek refuge and education in the Sudan.

In 1978 a number of scholars set up the Isalmic African Institute with popular effort. The Institute began by accepting African students at the intermediate and secondary levels. But after only two years this project was stopped. Later on the Government of the Sudan revived the idea and decided to establish the Centre on wider basis and with greater facilities. It invited a number of Arab countries to contribute to this project. Six Countries responded positively. These were: Egypt,Saudi Arbia,Kuwait,Qatar,The United Arba Emirates and Moroco whose representatives formed the Centre’s board of trustees and drew a statute which was approved by the Government of the Sudan and ratifies by the founding states. The Board of Trustees became the highest authority.

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