Imperial Hospital


Imperial Hospital is one of the private hospitals, located at the heart of Khartoum. Imperial Hospital committed itself to provide advanced featured medical care to approach European Hospitals Standards.


Imperial hospital Contracted with a group of more than 40 consultants who have European expertise to offer the best medical services, hence to reflect their experience in European hospitals.


The nursing staff, technical staff of the lab and the Department of Radiology has been selected Very carefully to keep pace with the technical level and higher level of services provided by Imperial hospital.


Imperial hospital is located in the heart of Khartoum, Street Al-Sharif Al-Hindi branching from the street MC Nimer Khartoum east.


Building consists of 5- storey, a 1000 square meters space on each storey, equipped with a set of elevators, electricity back-up generators and central air conditioning. Plus internal computer network for the whole building empowered by a specifically computer program designed by foreign experts for patient care and hospital management to ensure the high levels of services.

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