Bright On Training Center

  • Petroleum Technical Center Building, Africa Street, Alamarat St.1, Khartoum
  • //
  • 0123400771 / 0123400772 / 0123400773
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday to Thursday


Bright On Training is an establishment specialized in professional training fields, targeting a quality shift in training industry, by providing a distinguished style of training methods, in high efficiency, by concentrating on selecting distinguished training staff, qualified to lead this mission, and by providing modern scientific materials, in an attractive and objective manner, within a training environment designed and furnished with the necessary instruction means.

Bright On Training was established according to an approval from the National Training Council. Since our incorporation we were keen for providing an internal environment that supports high quality in training and its outcomes, to facilitate knowledge transformation, and connection to actual practical life followed in public, private, and individual sectors. For this end we considered follow up to constant scientific and technological development, in observation of this major economic globalization and openness seen across the world. This requires consideration of training in its professional concept that allows individual to play his role within the overall community.

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