AlMughtaribeen University

  • Khartoum, jabra, Main Street, Square 19
  • //
  • 0155 776655 
  • 06:30 am till 06:30 pm Sunday to Thursday

At the outset, the idea of establishing MU was initiated by a group of expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it was adopted by the 4th Expatriates Conference in 2000 – under the auspices of the Sudanese Expats Organization. The National Voluntary Organization for Supporting Higher Education in Sudan – situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – which consists of a group of Sudanese experts and university professors – prepared a complete study aiming at the establishment of the non-profit company to start a university. The President of Sudan Marshal Omer Al-Bashir during the 5th Expatriates Conference in 2005 gave his consent and approval of the project as it meets the demands of the large sector of the Sudanese expats.

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