Alia Specialized Hospital

  • Omdurman, the main entrance of the White Nile to the west, south of the Palace of Youth and Children
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  • +249 187 551296 / +249 187 550802


Alia Specialized Hospital Omdurman is one of the largest private hospitals in Sudan. It is located in the city of Omdurman, in the geographical south of the Youth and Children’s Palace. At the entrance of the White Nile Bridge from the western side, the hospital is designed to meet the highest standards and standards for health institutions. Medical and administrative equipment and systems were selected from the latest technology of medical science. The hospital receives all emergency and cold cases and contracts with all the institutions and the largest medical insurance companies, covering all segments of society from the constitutional and businessmen, citizens and foreigners.

The hospital was founded to cover all the needs of the citizen of the services of the diagnostic and therapeutic integrated to enrich the travel abroad for treatment and so we come to treatment inside and to be the first institution for all patients from neighboring countries.

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