Agricultural Bank

  • Gamhuriya St, Almogran area, Khartoum
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  • 08:30 am till 02:30 pm - Sunday to Thursday

The Agricultural Bank of Sudan (ABS) is the first national Sudanese bank as it was established in the late fifties of the twentieth century, a period when all working banks were branches of foreign ones.
The law establishing the ABS was issued on 17 June 1957 and the Bank began its actual activity in 1959.
The business work of the Bank has developed since then (about 58 years ago) ) and it became a comprehensive banking institution, and one of the most important pillars of the Sudanese banking sector, which effectively contributes to the advancement of agricultural development and growth of the GDP of the country. It is wholly owned by the Government and is a member of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund. The ABS capital is mutually contributed by the Central Bank of Sudan and the Federal Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.
The authorized capital in Sudanese pounds ( SDs Sudanese pounds.
The paid-up capital in Sudanese pounds ( 858.000.000 ) SDs Sudanese pounds.

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