AL-Madain College for Medical Sciences & Technology

  • Eastern Khartoum, AL-Riyad, Al-Mashtal St. Block No. 11
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  • +249 900007275 / +249 900007274 / +249 900007273 / +249 183236721
  • SAT-THU: 07:30 – 16:30


AL-Madain College for Medical Sciences & Technology ACMST was founded in 2016, and is aiming to become one of Sudan’s largest and leading institutions in higher education, serving the growing numbers of National as well Multinational students from various backgrounds.

Flexible yet focused. ACMST offers 10 programs which fit your career hopes and aspirations. It enables you to reach your full potential by developing a deep understanding of the study area of your selection.

ACMST is working to become a national as well as an international pioneer in research and teaching by providing an environment that appeal to students from all over the world. Furthermore it’s   working to be accredited by National and International Accreditation Agencies, to reaffirm its position as a world-class institution and education provider in Sudan.

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