7vistion Training Center

  • 4th Floor, Building No 4, Kuawiti Building, Alnile St, Khartoum
  • // www.svt.smg.sd
  • +249 912 15 0505 / +24992 614 6749
  • 8:00am - 10:00pm Saturday to Thursday


The 7vision training center in the Republic of Sudan is considered one of the leading center in the field of training. We took a clear approach to quality training.
The center was established nine years ago and was opened at the Corinthia Hotel (Al-Fateh Tower previously) at the Strategic Planning Forum for the visiting Egyptian global expert, Dr. Ahmed Ragheb, Director of the Master’s Department at City University in London, previously and the consultant known and accredited to a number of authorities.
The Center has provided a number of training courses, forums, conferences and forums in a number of administrative, engineering, medical, quality, ISO, food, nutrition and accounting fields in addition to providing English and computer programs and qualification for the International License in Computer and Sudanese License and Photoshop programs and the American license from the American Board.
The center was not satisfied with the training programs only, and the Supreme Council for Total Quality and Excellence participated in the first award for occupational health and safety in Sudan.
The coming period will witness the provision of consultations by the center in the field of ISO and quality in accordance with international standards and the qualification of auditors and evaluators.
Also among the goals of the center is to qualify a number of graduates and employees in the field of auditing, auditing, improving and disseminating the Kaizen culture and Sigma 6.
The center provides the most powerful training services by providing a training course for trainers to the expert, Dr. Yasser Hassan Al Mubarak, and with the approval of the American Board, through which the center accredits qualified trainers for training field services in Sudan.
In conclusion, we point out that reaching the summit is not difficult, but preserving that is more difficult, because distinction means maintaining standards and developing vision and mission.

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